Who's Issuing Open Badges?

Who Can Issue Open Badges?

Any individual or organization may issue Open Badges through a compatible service or application. See a list of certified Open Badges platforms here.

Common types of issuers include:

Who’s issuing Open Badges?

Hundreds of educational institutions, programs and organizations have started to issue Open Badges, representing the breadth and variety of the ecosystem. The list below represents many of the organizations currently issuing Open Badges. If you don’t see your organization or an issuer you know, please contact us so we can add to this list.

You can also see the global reach of badges through Badge the World.

Do you want to issue Open Badges?

See Get started Issuing Open Badges » for information on the technical steps to issue badges, selecting tools to automate the process, badge system design, and how to operate an Open Badges program.

See Open Badges Services and Software »