Open Badges Community

To enable all community members to contribute and participate in the success of the Open Badges ecosystem, there are many opportunities to be involved. IMS Global Learning Consortium will be guiding the Specification development process effective January 1, 2017, and will continue to rely on the support and advocacy of the Open Badges community in the ongoing development of the Specification. See IMS Transition FAQ

Community contributions will be encouraged through a public form to ensure all inputs are heard and considered. Meeting agendas, minutes, and working group decisions will be published for viewing by anyone who opens a free account on the IMS website.

An Open Badges Community Council will bring together a vibrant and effective channel of community thought leaders and experts. The Community Council will enable all organizations and individuals, that wish to contribute, be recognized for their advancement of Open Badges via a profile published on the Open Badges website.

IMS will be establishing a process for joining the Community Council. Contact us to receive further information.

IMS members will seek input from the larger community, as described above, and maintain a transparent governance process when making formal decisions related to the Specification. In addition, an Open Badges executive board will set priorities for the development and adoption of the Open Badges Specification. IMS Contributing Members who are leaders in Open Badges issuing platforms will be invited to participate on the board.

If your organization has a stake in the future of digital credentials, learn more about IMS Global membership.

Active Working Groups

IMS member working groups also meet regularly to manage Specification development and related technical work. Resulting Specifications will be free and publicly available under open source license. IMS member Community Liaisons will be appointed to support the public community. These liaisons will be responsible for maintaining robust communications between the working groups and community, moderating the public online forum, and providing regular reports to the working group on community related topics.

Mailing Lists

Linked community initiatives

Open Badges started as a collaborative project between the MacArthur Foundation and the Mozilla Foundation and has continued to grow through a global community of implementers. Here are several initiatives collaborating on expanding the reach of Open Badges:

Badge the World - An ongoing project mapping badging initiatives from around the world. Badge The World invites organisations and individuals to share their plans to create, issue, recognise and research Open Badges. The project was launched at Mozfest 2013 as a partnership between Mozilla and Digitalme.

Cities of Learning / LRNG - The first citywide badging initiative, launched in Chicago in 2013, was so successful that six cities launched badge systems for learning in 2014. Eight cities were named winners in the 2016 LRNG City Challenge, receiving grants to begin networking learning opportunities in their communities.