Displaying Open Badges

Open Badges are designed to be shared. By sharing, individuals showcase their achievements to consumers turning them into a valuable currency to unlock new opportunities.

While many issuing services provide the ability to display and share badges across the web, Backpacks enable users to store and move their Open Badges between platforms. This ensures that users retain control over their own data and can organize and share collections of Open Badges with the relevant audiences.

Mozilla set up the first Backpack in 2011. Most issuing platforms provide users with the ability to connect and store their badges to this Backpack and now several companies are developing new Backpack services. Open Badges may be exported to the recipients’ Backpack service of choice.

A number of applications integrate with Backpack services to display recipients’ badges in those users’ various spaces on the web. See developer section for information more information on connecting to Backpacks or launching your own service.